Santa in Rockport 2011; this Saturday December 3rd

Elfen wifi wireless reports that Santa will be arriving by boat in Rockport this Saturday December 3rd at 3:45PM. Santa disembarks at Bradley wharf then makes his way to Dock Square to flip the switch on the Christmas Tree at 4 PM.

The following is what it all looked like last year. This year we may be wearing shorts

Santa in Rockport 2010:

As if it was a tradition that went back centuries Santa Claus came to visit Rockport today. On the way to the harbor:

Time’s a wasting. Santa will be there at 3:45PM

The crowd packs the wharfs in the harbor as Santa’s arrival is just moments away:

Harbormasters Rosemary Lesch and Scott Story lead the way, the Freemantle Doctor with Santa, and the Coast Guard protecting the rear:

It’s SANTA!!! It’s SANTA!! It’s SANTA!!!

The crowd goes wild as Santa pulls into Bradley Wharf:

Santa thanks the skipper Mike Tupper of the Freemantle Doctor for the smooth ride while his mother-in-law Nancy McDowell looks on. (Nancy was the one who convinced us that Rockport was the best place on earth to live.) :

Low tide so Santa needs a bit of a goose up the ladder:

Carolers warm up the crowd as Santa makes his way down Bearskin Neck:

Dock Square is cheek to jowl of children all of which swore they had been nice and not naughty:

Santa’s ride is a vintage 1941 Fire Truck. Why buy new when used will do?

The countdown 3, 2, 1

A burst of light as the tree is lit.

Time to refill the hot toddy mug.

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