You Think This Poor Cat Will Ever Get It’s Revenge?

Imagine you’re this cat-


Photo from this blog-

You’re a handsome cat, right? 

Proud, well groomed and all, just chillin’ looking like a bad ass.

And then your owner goes and fucks your shit all up to pieces by dressing you up





We can only pray that this poor once-proud feline doesn’t gouge it’s owners eyes out while they sleep in an act of well deserved revenge.

Shit ain’t right.

I’m no fan of the crazies at PETA but if they really cared about the mistreating of animals they’d be all over this and perform some type of intervention.

If our poor deceased cat JJ Jinglenuts was still alive (god rest his soul) I’d send him in ninja style to help this poor kitty.

JJ was a silent assassin.  laying out his kills at the front door, all proud.  Chipmonks, mice, birds- JJ Jinglenuts wouldn’t tolerate wearing any pansy burberry print coat.  Oh Hell NO.  and to be honest he wouldn’t have had to endure the ridicule by all his kitty cat buddies because I never would have submitted him to that.  It was bad enough we had his nuts lopped off, what were we gonna go dress him up like Liberace next?  No way Jose.

This was our boy JJ Jinglenuts-

(note no fairy clothing present)


Warning- JJ Jinglenuts Latest Victim Pictures- Alvin and The Chipmunks Are A Man Down

We Must Protect This House!!!!! JJ Jinglenuts- New Spokescat For Under Armor

But alas Mr Jingles couldn’t keep up his ways forever and karma caught up with him-

Karma’s A Bitch- RIP JJ Jinglenuts

Posted on June 9, 2010 by Joey C

Just got a call from the Mrs.

Our neighbor just popped by to let her know that there’s a tore up cat in his yard and it  looks like JJ.  I guess all the killing of the mice and the chipmunks finally caught up to the poor fella and an animal a little higher on the food chain got him last night.

JJ I hope you’re having fun up in heaven and there is plenty of fine pussy up there for you to play with.  We’ll miss you buddy.

We got JJ as a kitten at the animal shelter in Salem.  It was after a long period of trying to conceive our first child without success and many medical procedures.   Within a month of JJ’s arrival into our home The Mrs became pregnant with The Bean.


  • Cats are cooler than that.I would guard that Christmas tree.I bet that cat climbs the sucker late on Christmas Eve brings it down and is no where to be found for 24 hours…and the owners should also beware of litter box”misses”


  • Two different cats. First one (without clothes) is mostly grey. Second ones (with clothes) is black with white feet.

    Maybe they hired a body double for the photo shoot.


  • That cat will most definitely get revenge. I’m going with a hairball or a dead mouse in its owner shoe. That’s what I would do if I were this cat.

    Thanks, Joey, for making me LOL. 🙂


  • It’s nice to see Mr. Jinglenuts back on the blog. RIP JJ.


  • “This was our boy JJ Jinglenuts-”

    I never noticed that you occasionally put a minus sign after his name. I didn’t realize JJ Jinglenuts was really jingle nuts minus.


  • As did Mr. Jinglenuts, our cat Cosmos is always bringing us trophies as tokens of his appreciation and has a similar life story however, he very thankfully survived a vicious attack by a coyote.

    When my daughter was very young I was scolding Cosmos and jokingly said “I am going to put a dunce cap on you naughty cat.” Liv started to cry, begging me not to put a dunce cap on her precious kitty. As if we actually had a dunce cap hanging around the house–and am not even sure she knew at that time what a dunce cap was!

    Sounds like Santa needs to bring the Ciaramitaros a new kitty for Christmas!


  • They have dignity and pride! Not dolls. Not in need of warmth. (Unless you’ve shaved them!) SenSen and JiJi just left us a present a few days ago! Those mice think they can just move into our cozy home instead of building their own home – no go fuzzybits. I love how they kill all the rapidly moving spiders as well! No more worries about those big fast ones since we adopted the cats. They usually leave the boring daddy long legs alone, but they are slow and don’t worry anyone.


  • Sorry about JJ ~ hard to lose a pet that is part of the family ~ am sure you will handle it ~ namaste, artmusedog ^_^


  • I do miss the regular updates from Mr. Jinglenuts…..may he rest in peace…..


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