This Is Gloucester DVD Missing Two Chapters

I regret to tell you guys that somehow or other the master used for the “This is Gloucester DVD is missing two chapters- The Why I Love Gloucester Interviews and the Saturday Greasy Pole Chapter.

The DVD is still awesome but thought I should let people know about it.  If the reason you bought one was because out of the 21 Chapters those two were critical to your decision to purchase one I will issue you a refund before I ship them.

They look great and I’m thrilled with the results of how they play and Beth Swan’s cover arrangement, I just must have slipped one of the test DVD’s into the envelope when it went to the duplication company.  It still has the Friday Greasy Pole, the mutant lobsters, the Novenas, The Gloucester at Dawn Video with Dan King’s music to it, The Good Harbor Zen videos, Down in The Fish Hold of The Captain Domenic, and more.

Just thought I’d let y’all know before I ship them though in case that was why you bought one.

If you want to buy one from the second batch there are 21 DVDs left to sell which should be here by the end of the week and will probably sell out by tomorrow.


Here are some screen shots of the menu-





  • Hi Joey, can I wait for the second cd, the one that includes the interviews and the greasy pole. I would be happy to pick it up rather than have you ship it to me.


    • Patty all of the DVD’s are exactly the same first and second batch and if there is another batch they will be the same as the first two. They still have Greasy Pole but it is Friday Greasy Pole not Saturday. The DVD I believe is unlike anything else ever produced as far as capturing the essence of today’s Gloucester


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