22,819,054 lbs of Fish Landed In 120 Trips- Our Grandfather Captain Joe Featured In Atlantic Fisherman Magazine 1952

Courtesy Fred Buck at The Cape Ann Museum

To compare this and put some perspective to this accomplishment you can compare that 22,819,054 he landed to the total number of all groundfish landings in one year by all boats in Gloucester in 2010 were 81,400,00lbs.  His average trip over those 120 landings was 190,158.78 lbs.  This was landings of groundfish, not herring or pogies or mackerel.


From NOAA’s Records-

*Total landings of all species on groundfish trips were about 81.4 million pounds in 2010. This compares to landings ranging from 102.4 million pounds to 107.2 million pounds in the 2007-2009 fishing years. Groundfish landings on groundfish trips also declined from a high of 71.6 million pounds in 2008 to a low of 58.0 million pounds in 2010[11]. Non-groundfish landings on groundfish trips also declined from a high of 39.3 million pounds in 2007 to 23.3 million pounds in 2010 (Table 3).





  • Fred Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you! I love to read about my Grandpa Joe & share the stories and photos with my twins. Keep them coming please ❤


  • Very interesting story, especially in comparison to today’s catch. Thank you for sharing–all your posts are fascinating.


  • Capt Joseph P Santos Jr

    hey Joey & Ferd
    i do remenber her very well we fish together Alot . I was aboy 16 years of age abd fish on the Emily Brown with capt Frank Brown My dad Joe Santos was the engeer on the Brown. and yes i do remenber Joey grand dad Capt Joe. Keep up with them old pictures. you know the older i get i remenber all then times back when i was fishing

    Capt Joe Santos
    Class of 1949 G H S
    age 81


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