Kindle Fire’s Are Shipping!!!

This just in from Patrick Ryan-

Fw: Your order of "Kindle Fire, Full Color 7"…" has shipped!

Greetings Patrick J Ryan!
We thought you’d like to know that we shipped your items, and that this
completes your order.

Your estimated delivery date is:
  Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If you ordered one let me know if you got your shipping confirmation as well!

And Gizmodo Raves About It!-

Kindle Fire Review: The iPad Finally Has Serious Competition

The Kindle Fire is stuck between e-ink minimalism and gleaming iPad decadence. That could either make it the goofy middle child in the tablet family, or a singular wunderkind. But the Fire will not be overlooked. Apple: Be afraid.

Why it matters

Amazon isn’t just a bookstore. Nor is it a music store, shoe store, video streaming service, or newsstand. Amazon has wrapped all of these things together into a rich, easy way to suck down almost every conceivable form of media with one key: Prime. But Prime has been stuck behind the tangled butterface of—the site is a mess, a cage. This Kindle is meant to change all that, to not only be a Better Kindle, but a direct conduit to all of Prime’s awesomeness: the missing piece.

And what a piece it is, right? It’s hard to believe it sprung from the same hatchery as the Kindles of yore, with its dual-core processor, 512 MB of RAM, and a gorgeous 7-inch, 16-million color display beaming a custom Amazonian Android build, made specifically for Kindle’s essence.

If the Fire succeeds, everything changes for Amazon. And for Apple as well.

Using it

The Fire doesn’t feel like any other Android tablet—and that’s a very, very good thing. From the minute you turn it on, the device is puzzlingly simple. Where’s the home screen?, someone might ask you. All you see is a shelf, stacked with whatever you’ve looked at recently: novels, magazines, apps, TV episodes—everything. The emphasis is squarely on picking out stuff to stimulate your eyeballs (and ears) with—all else is secondary. This makes for a UI that’s not only simple, but intuitive. You don’t have to think about how to use the Fire, because unlikeApple’s dodgy attempts at interface metaphors, Amazon’s works perfectly: here’s my shelf of things. Which thing will I choose?

Of course, there’s more than the shelf. A search bar at up top does the obvious across everything you own, and small organizational tabs inconspicuously span the upper boundary of the screen: newspapers and magazines, books, music, video, docs, apps, and a web browser. Need more to consume? The Store is always at most two clicks away. Tap Books. Tap Store. Here’s the entirety of Amazon’s catalog, neatly organized, easily downloaded.

The reason Apple should be afraid isn’t because the Kindle Fire is going to blow away the iPad based on spec.  The iPad is $600, the Kindle Fire is $200 though and the reason apple should be worried is because tehre is finally some serious competition price wise.

That $200 price point for a great tablet (Kindle Fire) is going to put a lot of units in the hands of the population and those are people who won’t pony up the huge dough for admittedly a great product (the iPad) but at three times as much cost.

For those of you who ordered one for yourself, I can’t wait for you to write in and give me your impressions! Patrick Ryan this means you!  The 16th is just two days away!

Here’s your link to order ‘em and get some Christmas shopping done!



  • “Shipping soon” appears on my order status. Now I’ll have to check my email inbox every five minutes.


  • Quick review from the Slashdot community.

    Apparently the Kindle Fire is sluggish.

    Key takeaway: “If an E Ink Kindle or Nook is better for reading books, and a smartphone or iPad is better for watching movies or listening to music, what space is there for the Fire?”


    • Every review I’ve read so far has given it great reviews and these are tech sites who generally fawn over everything apple-
      Gizmodo Review- Kindle Fire Review: The iPad Finally Has Serious Competition

      I don’t expect it to be as fast as a $600 iPad. the thing costs $200. So when you say where does it fit in I’d say that it fits in as an affordable capable tablet for the masses as opposed to the luxury item like the iPad.
      My wife is thrilled with her nook because she doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of an iPad. I suspect that she is the majority of the market for this. Not hard core gamers or tech nerds like me or you.


      • Never know until you unpack it but I would take tech reviews of the Kindle with a huge grain of salt. Heavy tech sites have been so wrong about Tablets that they should just quit while they’re behind. Even Consumer Reports made the same mistake when they panned the iPhone4. Gee, largest selling phone ever. Oops.

        They are all caught up in specs. The Kindle is 200 bucks and has no camera and inferior specs on everything. But can you read a book in color? Can you read a scientific PDF with color graphic tables? Can you watch a movie? If it is “sluggish” then it might fail but for 200 bucks I can handle it if the pages don’t snap in microseconds.

        In no way will it be an iPad killer. It will hardly ruffle iPad’s feathers. But it will fill a very nice niche as a content viewer that is plugged into the Amazon ecosystem. It should sell very well.

        But I’ll shut up until unpacking. UPS tracking says 2:14 tomorrow. (I’m not staying home.)


  • My email says it arrives tomorrow. I’ll review it for GMG by Thursday.


  • Recieved e-mail saying will be delived Wed. a..m. 11/15


  • A Head’s-Up: I got my ‘shipped notification’ as well. IF you bought Kindle Fire as a gift, as I have, you MUST ‘De-register’ it from your Amazon account. All this info is in the 1st email, ‘Get Ready, your Kindle Fire is on the way.’


  • Joey Mine is due on the 18th,and my wife says I need to stop reading GMG because every time you recommend I order.Jerry


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