Gloucester Harbor Village, 1856

Gloucester Harbor Village, 1856 H. F. Walling/ ©Fredrik D. Bodin

The Gloucester Harbor Village map was a small inset on a larger map, A Topographical Map of Essex County Massachusetts, which measured 62 inches x 62 inches. It was a wall, or scroll map, and was printed on linen and hand colored. The surveys and map were made by civil engineer Henry Francis Walling (1825-1888),  Superintendent of State  Map. Some of the 49 insets, which were approximately 5 inches  x 9 inches, were Annis Squam Village, Lanes Ville, Rockport Village, and Pigeon Cove Village (which I have). Interesting features of the Gloucester Harbor Village map include: Canal Street (the Boulevard) and the long Cordage Mill (rope factory); Fort Defiance at the end of Peach Street (The Fort); Front, Spring, and Jackson Streets running the length of the Gloucester waterfront (no Rogers Street yet); Rocky Neck with it’s first wharf – the Walen Story Wharf; and the end of the railroad line is in Gloucester. Also significant is the now non-existent Vincent’s Cove, and Five Pound Island, which is now the terminus of the State Fish Pier.

Printed archivally from a scan of the original map. Image # AM04-001

Title Section of A Topographical Map of Essex County Massachusetts, 1856 H. F. Walling





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