Deb Clarke Wants to Know. Questions for Artists!


Deb Clarke Wants to Know. Questions for Artists!

Deb Clarke Wants to Know. 

where have you had the most success selling your work?

in a traditional art gallery?

an artist cooperative gallery?

a vanity gallery? (pay for the privilege of exhibition)

a restaurant showing?

on-line marketing efforts?

how much time on a weekly basis do you spend marketing your work?

do you sell prints of your work?

how many on-line sites do you have?

if you donate work to non-profit fundraisers/auctions…have you ever made additional sales?

if you belong to an art association, do you make sales to cover your membership, get referrals?



  • Hi Deb – My success in selling my art – In-home open studios and my gallery, the one I had on Rocky Neck in the 90’s. The in-home events always had yummy hors d’ovures and wine flowing.
    RN always had classical music playing. The gallery always had the music. Appealing to all of the senses creates a relaxing atmosphere for folks to consider the creations.


  • Online, Deb ~ I have 2 blogs and one Etsy shop ~ I create because my Spirit needs to create!


  • Most of my success selling my (and other people’s) work has been primarily through my galleries, also through art shows and fairs, the internet, and wholesale sales to retail shops. Sales had historically always been about 50%/50% original paintings/prints but in recent years, it is more like 30%/70% original paintings/prints (including prints, cards, books, calendars, etc.). I sell through four online sites (my own website, zazzle, cafepress and imagekind), both originals and prints, but mostly prints. Amount of time spent marketing varies from 0% when I’m in painting or production mode, to 75-100% when I’m in marketing mode. I switch back and forth from one to the other, but have a hard time doing both at the same time. Interesting questions for artists, thanks Paul for posting Deb’s questions.


  • thank you for the responses! do any of you have advice for young artists just out of art school, with the dream of ‘NYC superstar artist’ driving their work/decisions?


  • OH! Paul, that is a terrific pic from that rainy day opening at Kate’s Random Arts Gallery in Magnolia. I was so busy reading the responses that I missed the pic. and Thank you for sharing the questions. Kurt Ankenny recently asked about galleries on google+, thus the questions.

    I work at my art and marketing everyday. somedays i put in 14 hours days, other days may be only an hour or two.

    btw: goodmorninggloucester is one of the sites that consistently generates interest and hits on my blog. if you are an artist marketing in this digital world,it behooves you to participate in your local community blog! either through posting or participating in the conversation through comments. I personally love reading/participating in the conversation through comments.


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