GMG Tech Talk- the Official Gloucester MA Hashtag- #Gloucester #MA vs. #GloucesterMa

Bill O’Connor writes-

Hey Joey,

I started this topic on Twitter, but I thought it would be fun to include your audience in the discussion.  This isn’t about trying to get something to trend on Twitter – its more about creating an exclusive Twitter channel for Gloucester, MA.  I just ran into a similar situation with Salem this month.  There’s all kinds of Salems out there but only one Salem, MA. Going to #SalemMa to find info on their busiest month (Salem = Halloween) is much easier than visiting #Salem #MA.

I noticed that #Gloucester on Twitter is totally cluttered with other Gloucesters – mainly Gloucester, England & Gloucester, New Jersey.  It’s enough to make someone have to dig for info on Gloucester MA, and not very user friendly.  

I then checked #GloucesterMa and noticed that @GDTnews started it and think it’s a great idea. It fine tunes the aggregation of our collective data and makes finding Gloucester Mass info on Twitter so much easier.  If we follow a pattern of posting to #GloucesterMa, we can collectively Tweet occasionally on #Gloucester #MA something like – ‘Looking for info on #Gloucester #MA? Try #GloucesterMa!’

I’m with @GDTnews on this and my vote is for #GloucesterMa in all Gloucester-centric tweeting!

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid, @kidns


Joey writes in response-

Well it’s a great topic Bill brings up and I should just state that there shouldn’t even be a debate.  The official Gloucester MA hashtag for twitter should be #GloucesterMA and not two separate #Gloucester #Ma.  The answers should be plain as day when you click on those respective hashtags on twitter. 

When you click on #Ma you’re going to get anything and everything that anyone has used for the #Ma including  everything in Massachusettes as well as a bunch of mother tweets. That alone defeats the purpose of the hashtag which is intended to drill down your results.  On top of that with #Gloucester #Ma you use 15 characters as opposed to 13 characters with #GloucesterMa  Those two characters are valuable real estate in a 160 character max tweet.

To make it more clear-

Click here for  twitter search results for #Gloucester and then here for #Ma and take note of what it returns (you don’t need to have a twitter account to do this)

as opposed to the far better option-click the link-  #GloucesterMa

That should make things crystal clear as to the far superior option.

Thanks Bill @kidns and @GDTnews for bringing it to our attention.  No need for a poll, this is case closed, from now on I’ll be using #GloucesterMa unless of course I need those last two characters in which case the Ma gets the ax.

Oh and BTW, you can follow your boy Joey here- @Joey_C

About Joey C

The creator of Lover of all things Gloucester and Cape Ann. GMG where we bring you the very best our town has to offer because we love to share all the great news and believe that by promoting others in our community everyone wins.
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3 Responses to GMG Tech Talk- the Official Gloucester MA Hashtag- #Gloucester #MA vs. #GloucesterMa

  1. Tom Bruno says:

    What about #Glosta?

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