Adventure, Roseway and Highland Sea Photos From Bob Cullen


Yesterday I was at the Gloucester Marine Railway with my niece and her husband so they could re-visit the Adventure, where they had gotten married 25 years ago by Capt. Jim Sharp in Camden. Joanne Souza, Director of was nice enough to give us a personal tour. We were pleased that the Roseway was also there, because the Roseway was a 2nd boat used for their wedding guests. We were lucky in that the Roseway was just leaving the dock and motoring out the harbor. I got some shots of that. Also, I met a Capt. Tom (I didn’t catch his last name, but he said he had once captained the Highland Sea (aka the Pilot.)) He said I had to take a once-in-a-lifetime photo of 3 ships built by the same shipyard (Tarr and James) in about the same year (1926), all in one frame. So, I did catch a photo of the Roseway as she went past the Highland Sea and the Adventure.

I also took a few photos of a carriage and some screws at the GMR. You probably have enough of those, but, in case you don’t. I just uploaded the 15 photos to my Flickr account – Bob C8. It’s a new set titled “Adventure Anniversary”. They’re set to public viewing. Feel free to post on GMG. In the set they’re in the right order.

It was sprinkling for a time yesterday when I took the photos, so I caught the authenticity of raindrops on my lens cover (or, I forgot to wipe the lens.)

Thanks, Bob Cullen (aka Jenn’s father)

click the picture below to see the slideshow from Bob Cullen

Below deck of The Schooner Adventure


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