Miss Massachusetts Again & Again!

You’ve seen palm trees, convertibles & movie starlets on Hollywood Boulevard, but have you ever seen a giant red lobster on a dress made from recycled sails? It isn’t Lady Gaga, but a collaboration between Frieda Grotjahn of Again & Again Recycled Sailbags and mother/daughter pair, Charlotte & Daphne Papp, of Annisquam. This November, Charlotte will travel to Anaheim, CA to represent Massachusetts in the National American Miss Pageant, where one of her outfits will have a style that is distinctly Gloucester.

For the casual wear portion of the competition, Charlotte will wear a one of a kind dress made from two recycled sails: a white spinnaker & a red spinnaker. Her mother, Daphne, approached Frieda about the project, as the self-proclaimed “pageant mother” thought it would be a clever re-use of a material frequently identified with Massachusetts. And the lobster? Not only is it a Massachusetts icon, it’s also a bold red graphic that complements the bright scarlett hat and shoes that Charlotte will wear, on Hollywood Boulevard.

Charlotte, 20, is currently a sophomore at the College of Wooster in Ohio, where she is studying to become a Broadcast Journalist. She also plays Division 1 Lacrosse.

photo (14)


  • That is the most awesome dress and she looks gorgeous in it! Best of luck in the competition. I love Frieda’s work and I am finally the proud owner of my own Again and Again bag as of yesterday, my cousin Missy bought me one for my birthday and I love it!

    You will win for sure with that idea and design!!



  • Love the dress. Charlotte and that dress are definite winners.


  • Good luck Charlotte… Fabulous dress!


  • Again and Again: Congratulations to Charlotte, reigning Miss Massachusetts, radiant icon of recycling!! And to Daphne, her mom–designer par excellence!!! The trio cap the prize: innovation, beauty, creativity and the Loverly Lobstas!!! Love it! Triumph on the red carpet with the red lobster for sure!! What a thrill to see Charlotte looking fabulous, gracious and a big winner in all the hearts of Massachusetts, rising to National Glory. We sing the song of Old Glory and our mighty country, powerful in MA,leading the way!! Always lots of admiration and much love from Gaga,xo (her grandmother…) the “real Gaga”….!


  • “Wow”, that is awesome, need not say more.
    Hope you have a winning time in CA. Good luck and god bless.

    B & D Pageants.


  • this totally rules! amazing idea!!!! good luck!


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