Gloucester Webcam- Where We’re At

As of October 22 at 5:15 AM

We have 9 Live Cams with 17 more to come online within two weeks time- Live Cams- 7 Seas Whalewatch, Latitude 43, The Cut Bridge, Toodeloos, Discover Gloucester’s Outer Harbor, North Shore Kid’s Wonson Cove Cam, The Blue Shutters Beachside and today’s installs- Cape Pond Ice and The Vista Motel!

Click below to check out the Cape Pond Ice Webcam which is currently the view of it’s 300 ton ice block tank and production area.  Scott will have his cam in several locations but look especially Monday morning for when they are doing production!


The Vista Motel’s webcam is a stunner and should have ridiculous sunrises!!!


Here are the list of Webcams that will be installed within the next two weeks-

Schooner Lannon
Island Art & Hobby
Cape Ann Marina
Mile Marker 1
Atlantis Oceanfront Inn
Atlantis Oceanfront Breakfast Cafe
Ryan and Wood
Bass Rocks Ocean Inn
Rocky Neck Accommodations
Manny Simoes
Annisquam Village Realty
Harborview Inn
Bluefish Property’s Motif Number 1
Schooner Adventure
Gloucester Quilter

Feel free to fill out this form to get on the list

Last night we got another application to add to the list- Gloucester Quilter Cam from FOB Dot! with views high up on the hill behind Espressos looking down on the State Fish Pier and Inner Harbor! Gloucester Quilter Cam will be the 25th cam in the line up.

Here is the post explaining how it all came to be-

OK Kids It’s Time you Know About Our Latest Plan To Promote Gloucester

Posted on October 13, 2011 by Joey C

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