Setting Up The Latitude 43 Webcam With Tim Blakeley Of GloucesterBytes

Tim Had The Dropcam Up and Running Within Ten Minutes. 

The Dropcam will be facing Harbor Cove soon.  There are other webcams out there but for ease of use and not having to go in and mess around with ip addresses and a difficult install the Dropcam can’t be beat.

Once Latitude 43 embeds the code that dropcam provides into their website we will direct people when they click on the Lat 43 webcam screenshot to the Lat 43 website where it will reside.  the idea is to give customers a reason to visit the Lat 43 website.  The opportunities to have daily specials or an entertainment schedule on the page where people will land when they click on the link will turn a static web page that doesn’t change into a web page where it is continually streaming with something interesting to look at- Gloucester’s working waterfront or a live band playing at Minglewood Tavern.

Check Out The Lat 43 webcam and the other live webcams we are installing at

You can also subscribe to be alerted when a new webcam goes live here- Subscribe to here

We have 19 webcams scheduled to go live within the next two weeks!


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