Video Interview- Local Banking Part I A Conversation With Bob Gillis

People like to speak about shoping locally.  Often times they are talking about retail shopping or buying local fish, lobsters, produce and sourcing food as close to home as possible.

What often gets overlooked are our local banks who have in the past and are currently, extremely involved in our community.  Not only do they provide local jobs but more often than not they keep the money that you save as deposits here and turn around and lend that money back into the community.  They also back many local charities and treat you as a person and not just an account number.  It’s nice to have someone recognize you when you walk through the doors.

I don’t always advocate to do business locally.  I’ll be the first to admit that if there is an item out of town where there is a huge discrepancy in price I will shop out of town.  However when things are close to even slightly higher priced the benefits of keeping it local go way beyond what you put in your pocket.  There is a ripple effect where the entire community benefits.

We highlight the benefits of local banking in light of the fee based banking structure of large national banks.  Here is part I with Bob Gillis Of Cape Ann Savings Bank.

When you get your Bank of America statement this month and decide that you’ve finally had enough, check out what our local banks, Cape Ann Savings Bank, Bank Gloucester and Rockport National have to offer.   I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

…and don’t forget to tell ’em Joey sent ya.

Look for my interview with Patrick Thorpe From Bank Gloucester tomorrow.


  • YAY for local banks!!!
    For folks in the Somerville area, *Central Bank* was amazing when we lived there! Knowing full-well that we were moving out of their area of service and wouldn’t be becoming clients, they saved our behind when we didn’t realize we needed a bank check for our down-payment on our house the day before we purchased and moved to our Gloucester home. (Alright-alright, before you judge, I was seven months pregnant and we were managing the process without a realtor as first-time home buyers…) Anyway, they were amazing and lovely and we owe them a big shout out!


  • I financed my first home in Gloucester in 1959 with Cape Ann Savings Bank. The banker, Lester Harrison tried to talk me out of the mortgage until I had a larger down payment but, I went ahead with it anyway. I can’t imagine that happening at other than a local bank today. I’ve had a couple other mortgages since then but never the service I had with my first. If I were to go back to Gloucester tomorrow and look for a mortgage, I’d go to Cape Ann Savings, without a doubt.


  • My husband and I left home on an adventure 22 years ago. Just before we left, Bob Gillis, a loan officer at that time, approved a small load to us. He knew we were moving away, but we were good for the loan. We were visiting home in 2007. We went to visit Bob, because we really wanted to say thanks for seeing us, not dollar signs when he loaned us that money. We were local people, even if we were taking our business elsewhere. It was odd, we were shown to Bobs office upstairs at the bank. It looks like his savvy has paid off. He is now VP of the bank. Thanks again Bob.
    Thanks for recognizing Cape Ann Savings too Joey.


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