Fort Square Café

As you know if you are even a casual reader that I love breakfast.  Being here in G Town there are soooo many great breakfast joints to go that we are spoiled. 

I go to different places for different reasons but there are just so many incredible options.

So yesterday it was Fort Square Café so I could stuff something down in my very limited time away from the dock but at the same time get some Greasy Pole Collapse reaction videos (thank you Samo and Rusty). 

Of course Fort Square Café is about as “Glosta” as it gets.  If you want real Glosta folks and ALWAYS a great smile and excellent attitude on top of inventive breakfasts just head on down.  It’s not fancy shmancy- not that fancy shmancy is bad, I’m just saying sometimes you just want to hang with Glosta peeps without any pretense, without any attitude and just let the Glosta wash over you.

So blessed.  So very blessed to have this crazy rich number of options for great breakfast joints.  Do you know that some cities that are our size and even some that are a little larger most times only have a couple of decent breakfast options?  Here we have at least a dozen GREAT ONES!


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