Greasy Pole Photos Before and Now 9/30/2011

Greasy Pole Photos Before and NOW 9/30/2011

I took this photo of the Pole Monday at Low Tide. It hasn’t been looking to healthy lately. The Storms took their toll

NOW 09/30/2011


  • Wow, whtat a sad sight! Hope the new one is worthy and stout. I feel fortunate and honored that I was there, and able to film the final champion on that ol’ puppy. It may call for a memorial re-edit!


  • I think they should salvage what they can, and cut slices of that sucker, label it, and give it to all the past champions! Ya know, chop it like some round cutting boards. Maybe put a chunk on display, or a shrine. Do we have a greasy pole museum yet? Viva la Pole!!!!!!


  • Wow…I guess I haven’t looked that closely at it recently. So hopefully they will rebuild? If someone starts a fund, I will donate!



  • My daughter Liv, who I think gets all her news from twitter lately, just phoned from NYC and is all in a dither. I told her don’t worry, of course it will have to be rebuilt!!


  • Craig – that is an awesome idea, hope they do that!


  • Paulie, I just noticed the Homie on the pole in your Now shots…looks like he’s saying “OOPS…did I do that?” in the first one…like he didn’t know his own strength!

    I have just saved that one as my screensaver today, such a sad day, I wish I was there with everyone.



  • When was the last time the greasy pole was replaced?


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