• Good heavens — how does one go about attacking such a thing???


  • I sent the picture to a friend in New Hampshire. I said to her, no lobster this time, how about the Burger? She replied, HOW ABOUT OPEN HEART SURGERY? Since I am already the ecipient of a recentaly installed pacemaker, I think I too shall have to pass but, it sure does look good to me ; kind like a forbidden fruit.


  • the picture was certainly a tribute to the mighty burger…….but why, in heavens name, does one have to use such a common, slightly vulgar word as ” didn’t suck” to describe it.? i love your blogs, but why revert to such base forms of description.


    • It’s who I am. slightly vulgar. Thanks for the kind words.
      I guess I ought to write a disclaimer and stick it up top instead of having to defend myself every time someone has a problem with the language i use.
      For every person who calls me out for salty language I have four that tell me not to change a thing.
      Even if it were four that told me to change and one that I shouldn’t, I wouldn’t turn this into a vanilla site.

      There are some very very good websites people can visit if they want the pg Gloucester, this isn’t one of them.


    • In the 1981 movie Arthur, that’s 30 years ago and it wasn’t X-rated, the was a great exchange between Arthur (Dudley Moore) and Linda (Liza Minnelli)…

      Arthur: Have you been on a yacht?

      Linda: No, is it wonderful?

      Arthur: It doesn’t suck!


  • joey, thanks for taking the time to reply. i never meant to offend you. i’m fairly new to your blog and now that i’ve gotten the tone of it i understand your use of words better. thank you for being a “genuine person” in this day and age there are too many hypocrites. i will continue to read your blogs, and enjoy them. in reference to the person that quoted an old arthur movie that reminded me of a quote that i read during the beginnings of the murdock hacking scandal “only the brits can say sh– and make it sound like shakespeare!! thanks again!


  • No offense to Emily but I’m far more put off by someone who “scolds” someone in public (on their own blog) than I am by someone who uses colorful language. In my opinion that is much ruder than using a questionable word.

    But that’s just me….


    • omg!! i never thought that there would be so much activity in reaction to a burger comment!! kathleen, i did not scold joey in my first reply (did you happen to read the second one?) i simply made a statement….i didn’t even know that the wording came from joey…thought it was from someone that sent in a burger-blog! i just ordered two of your books,and trying to get a third. mia culpa, kathleen…let’s all get on with our lives. joey, sorry this whole thing has taken a little twist.


  • Welcome to this craziness Emily! Next thing you know Joey will ask you to be an Author! 🙂 That’s how I became one.


  • Joey is absolutely right on…The kobe burger is terrific!


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