Navigating GMG- Some Tools You May or May Not Know Are Available to You

Some of you access the Blog directly through the webpage address- some of you through our Facebook page, some of you get the nightly feed in an email by subscribing to Good Morning Gloucester.

I’m happy whichever way you come back to us, so long as you indeed , come back to us. I’d like to explain for the folks that follow along with us through Facebook and through the nightly email subscription about some features you may want to utilize.

Number one of all features that resides in the left hand column of the blog at



So if there is something that someone tried to tell you about that they saw on GMG say last week and it doesn’t happen to be on the front page any more, just type in the topic in the search box.  If we wrote about it, chances are you can find  it in the search box.

Below the search box in the right hand column when you access the blog directly at There are options to email me, Follow our posts on facebook, follow along with recent comments and below each posts there are little buttons you can click if you care to share a post you like.  the options offered are sharing on facebook, twitter, share by emailing the post, you can print the post, share in google circles, and more.


Below that you can check out the podcast, Learn how to get a free GMG Sticka, and listen to the official GMG Theme Song From earl and Arch


That may be a lot for the technology challenged folks to absorb all in one day so we will revisit more GMG tools available on the blog in installment II tomorrow.


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