Washington Street’s Savour Fire Photos From Bill O’Connor

Bill writes-

Hi Joey,

Last night when I went out side, I could smell fire.  The wind was blowing from the North so I knew something was up downtown.  I drove over to the Paint Factory and from my point of view it looked like there was a building burning in the fort.  I took some shots and headed over to town, and was surprised to learn that the fire was burning at the Savour Wine and Cheese shop on Washington Street.

There was a lot of activity, with a huge response from neighboring communities.  I saw engines and personnel from Rockport, Beverly and Manchester in addition to Gloucester.

The fire was still burning when I got there and the wind was blowing pretty hard, fanning the fire and making it difficult for the crews fighting it. Apparently the fire started at Savour, then jumped to the building next door because of the wind.  The Street would be clear of smoke, then a slight change in the direction of the wind would create a thick blanket of smoke – making it hard to see (and take photos).

Thankfully nobody was hurt, but Savour was totaled from what I could see.  Anyhow, I thought I would share the photos I took.

North Shore Kid


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