GMG Tech Talk- Google Flights Kicks Every Other Flight Search Engine’s Ass

Holy Smokes This Flight Search Engine Is Lightening Fast.  I normally use Kayak and have done so for years to research the best flights.  Kayak IMO used to be the best but Google Flights Takes The Best of Kayak and speeds it up by like a bazillion times.  the results are near instantaneous.

Check it out for yourself and bookmark it (and if you don’t use bookmarks on your computer join the latest century won’t you and figure this stuff out)-

Google Flights



  • Thanks, I’ve never used Google Flights and will defnitely check it out now!


  • You’re right … it’s quick! However, it also doesn’t have all the airlines: both Southwest and JetBlue seem to be missing (and there may be more). This is the problem with most airline search engines – they don’t include the airlines that do their own, on-line bookings.

    I use , where ‘xxx’ is the airport code you’re interested in. For our purposes, this would usually be BOS. You don’t get fares, but you do get a schedule of all the airlines that actually fly into & out of the airport.


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