Pick Those Tomatoes Before The Storm and Make Sista Felicia’s Sun Dried Tomato Recipe

There are tons of tomatoes ripe on the vine what will undoubtedly fall off when the storm hits.  So if you had an event planned for today which was cancelled or if you’re looking for something to do, go pick some tomatoes and make some delish Sun-Dried Tomatas!


Sista Felicia recipe

This time of year I find myself daydreaming of my childhood! I remember Sunday mornings, while the grownups in our family had coffee and Italian pastry with my grandparents, my brother, cousins and I would play outside in my grandparents’’ yard. Every summer while playing I watch my grandparents’ garden grow. I always knew that school days were approaching, when their tomatoes were ready for picking! Tomato time at my grandparents’ house was a family affair!  Canning tomatoes for the winter was a ritual.

2 pints of vine ripe small tomatoes (use a verity of small tomatoes)
Kosher salt
Fresh ground pepper
Olive oil

Step 1: Rinse and dry tomatoes


Step 2: Cut tomatoes in half


Step 3: place cut tomatoes in a medium bowl  


Step 4: Season tomatoes with 2 teaspoon of Kosher salt


Step 5: Drizzle Olive oil over tomatoes


Step 6 : Gently toss to evenly coat tomatoes with oil

Step 7: Pour tomatoes onto a cookie sheet fit with a cookie rack


Step 8: Using your hands turn each tomato on rack with cut side facing up and season with 1 Tablespoon of Kosher salt


Step 9: Dust tomatoes with freshly ground pepper 


Step 10:  Place tomatoes in preheated in 200 degree oven for 3-4 hours until tomatoes are dehydrated


Step 11: Pour a ¼ cup of olive oil into each mason jar.


Step 12: Place 1 garlic clove in each jar.


Step 13: Layer sun-dried tomatoes and garlic ¾ of the way to the top of the jar and top with olive oil.
Step 14: Place a lid and ring onto each mason jar and store in refrigerator until ready to use.



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