GMG Tech Talk- Don’t Fall For The Megapixel Hype

It seems camera manufacturers are in a race to offer cameras with more and more megapixels.

Here is an excellent definition of megapixels and when they count and when they don’t-

Trying to Define Megapixels?

What is more important than megapixels is sensor size.  the sensor is what collects the light at the other end of your lens and the larger the sensor size the more light can be collected and presumably the better your photos will be.

Here is a sensor size chart-

from wikipedia


Most point and shoot cameras today have sensors that are 1/2.3  APS-C sized sensors like the ones found on your average DSLR are much larger and image quality in low light situations are noticeably better. 

So when shopping for a camera you can go with a larger DSLR for the very best images or a smaller one with an above average sized sensor that will still fit in your pocket like the one I recommend, the Canon Powershot s95.  I think at $369 it is the very best combination of size/price/quality.

Do Not get lured in by megapixels when shopping for a camera.  the Mrs’ Nikon D40 only has 6 megapixels (very few compared to todays 12-18 megapixel cameras) but gets photos like these-

click picture for slide show

If you ever want a camera recommendation let me know and send me an email.  I’ll ask a few questions at to what you will be using it for and give you a recommendation.

Recently on Mashable, highly respected tech blogger Charlie white writes about two cameras in which he pits head to head to decide which is best for a blogger.  I conclude that neither are great options.  Read the article for yourself and look for my comments at the end-

Nikon D5100 vs. Olympus E-P3: Which Camera Is Best For Bloggers? [REVIEW]

I say neither.


  • iphone… it’s always there! I realized I forgot my camera for Ardelle’s launch and remembered the camera in my phone, brilliant pics even with a dusty Otterbox cover! And ! usually use a nice camera with a Leitz lens. I was amazed grante it was a nice day good lighting etc. I’m just sayin…


    • sorry that’s granted


    • IPhone’s take incredible photos when there’s lots of light but they are terrible once the light falls off. Just ask my buddies 5thJoy, Heather Atwood and the girls from North Shore Dish. A certain night out Blogging about a restaurant event and everyone who had iphone pictures was complaining that they didt have anything usable. I believe it was the Alchemy event.
      I agree that a good smartphone is great to have as a Blogger but as a live Blogging tool not the end all photographing instrument.


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