Sunrise Yesterday

Today’s sunrise was even prettier but I needed to get a full smoker of bluefish so I was busy catching the last one today. Possible secret ingredient to my deviled eggs.

Just moments after the photo was taken I was wrestling a bluefish amongst the barnicles. Bag Balm is a lovely ointment.

Fun Fact: Halifax, Nova Scotia is directly lined up with sunrise today.


  • Did you say “my deviled eggs”? I thought Sue was making them! Can you truly be impartial as a judge of your own deviled eggs? Doesn’t sound like fun wrestling a bluefish or anything amongst the barnacles.


    • I guess I did say “my” deviled eggs. We can have a separate entry form for judges eggs. Capers in a smiley face on bluefish deviled eggs and maybe bacon wrapped. And some of that orange roe that you get on sushi.

      Or maybe I’ll jsut come to eat them. Bringing Lattof Farm Anadama Bread. Wow, my kind of Anadama. Low on the corn flour and high on the sweet molasses. Good straight and even good for a hotdog roll substitute.


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