The Ramparts, Commodore Rouse, and the Schooner Niagara

The Ramparts, Eastern Point, circa 1900 Anonymous/ @Fredrik D. Bodin

 Schooner Niagara, Eastern Point, circa 1898 Phelps/ @Fredrik D. Bodin

The Ramparts was built in 1896 on Eastern Point (Gloucester, MA) by Commodore Henry Rouse of Cleveland. Rouse was a railroad tycoon and commodore of the Seawanhaka-Corinthian Yacht Club of New York. In 1898, Rouse was visited by financier Howard Gould, the ninth richest man in America, on his Schooner Niagara. In the photo, Niagara sails off Eastern Point, with The Ramparts visible between the jib and the bowsprit. Ladies and gentlemen enjoy the outing, probably with Rouse aboard, and the man with the top hat just aft of the mainmast likely robber baron Gould himself.
Printed archivally from a scan of the original. Image # AD07-002 (Ramparts) and AD07-001 (Niagara)

Fred  Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930


  • Those are beautiful. Thanks for posting.


  • Very nice, Fred. The Ramparts was a great place for those of us growing up in E. Gloucester to hang out. I remember the sad day in the 1950s when all of the cannons, armor statues of lions were auctioned off.


  • My grandfather grew up at that property, his dad was captain of the boats and his mom was a maid. In fact, my great grandfather is most certainly on that boat pictured. Indeed my grandfather spoke of the sad day the home was destroyed, to save on taxes is what he told me.


  • Claudia Walsh Concors

    I just googled the Ramparts today for some reason, thinking about my dad and the past. I do! Well the name great uncle was Henry, or Harry Williams, the chauffeur. My dad was Wally Walsh and he spent all his summers there with him when Mrs. Williams was there. After my dad died, my husband and I went to Gloucester for the first time with pictures and rode around Eastern Point the first week of May around 2002. I got Jean Nugent’s phone number from my Aunt, Joan Rozman and met Jean and she took us on a tour of Gloucester and had wonderful stories and memories. We may return this summer, and today I googled Jean, and sadly saw her obit. Such a nice lady, but had a wonderful, full life! I have photos that look like the one here, but when I found the property, I think, there wasn’t much left of it, besides the tower, or lookout and the front stone steps from the road. Modern now..sort of. I did knock on the door, but only the dog was home. Uncle Harry always talked about, as I remembered for some reason, and I must be wrong, his name wasn’t Ted, but yes the same person..relation to you how? We waited for Uncle Harry to return to Cleveland every Thanksgiving and it was so much fun to see him! I know that Mrs. Williams was still going there in the 1950’s and probably early 60’s.

    I’m really glad I saw your comment. I know it’s years later, but maybe you’ll see this and let me know.


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