• I’ve always wanted to make a film like this, and now I can see how you can do it. However, I would have changed your route a bit: I would have taken a right out of your driveway and done the sea view route before heading back into town. I guess I wouldn’t have done 128 at all. That’s ok. It was your video, and you showed how the camera DOES hold up to your drive! Good stuff!~


  • Wow Thanks for the drive. Things have changed!


  • I agree with Broook taking a right would have been the better initial route and eliminating 128 and maybe instead of Washington street go through the Boulavard. Having said that it was great and what a camera that can do it in the first place. Great Job!


  • I forgot how much fun it use to be riding in the back of our pickup. Thank you so much Joey for a wonderful ride. I didn’t want it end. I loved it. Thanks again.


  • Thanks for the opportunity to check out some real estate, Joey!


  • Fantastic!!! Now when come home on my much awaited VaCa in a couple of weeks I will be able to keep my eyes more on the road instead of gazing at the scenery and noting the changes……
    well……. maybe a little more. Joey, that was a treat and the camera & equipment quite impressive!


  • That brings back a lot of memories from childhood. The look of Gloucester hasn’t change much since the last time I was there over twenty years ago.


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