Here & Now Sunday July 17th at The Sargent House Museum


Here & Now: Contemporary Artists Working in The Sargent House Museum Garden

Launches this Sunday with artist Kathy Gentile Roberts

Here & Now was conceived as a means to revitalize the 1782 Sargent House and energize the under-utilized Sargent House Museum garden. The garden’s tiers, which were added to the site in 1925 by preservation architect Joseph Everett Chandler, create unique spaces for artists to set up and find inspiration in the garden. Known for restorations at the House of the Seven Gables and the Paul Revere House, Chandler made various alterations to the historic site and grounds.

Built in 1782 for Judith Sargent Murray—an early feminist writer, philosopher, and social activist, the Sargent House is a fine example of high-style Georgian domestic architecture, enlarged during the Federal period, and converted into a museum during the height of the Colonial Revival.

There are still opportunities available for artists to participate in the Here & Now series. Interested artists should contact Site Manager Kate Laurel Burgess-Mac Intosh at or by calling 978-412-5290.

Upcoming Artists in the Here & Now Series

July 31: Kathryn Gentile Roberts

August 7: Mary Rhinelander McCarl

August 14: Dorothy Englander

August 21: Carole Anne Meehan

August 28: Coco Berkman


  • Have a great day Debbie – the weather looks like a perfect day on Sunday.


  • Museums are looking more and more at how to incorporate contemporary artists into the fabric of their collections and audience interests. One of the first seARTS Partner with an Artist (PWA) projects was with the Sargent House Museum, Cape Ann Museum and Gloucester Maritime Heritage Museum. Businesses also prosper with the artists in combinations of mutual projects and celebration of the artists perspective in contemporary times. Ask Joey! He’s been a tremendous supporter of his fellow artists working with the City, businesses and cultural venues. Keep the good news rolling and seagulls flying.


  • AWESOME, MS. Deb Clarke! No one will be disappointed. Have a Great Day!


  • This is a fabulous idea!


  • Looking forward to Sunday. I’m not a watercolorist, if i can find my box of Crayola Watercolors, i will bring them along, but i’m not very good with the medium. have a box of glass panes, and some sharpies. if it’s not windy, i will bring along some oil and foil for the verre eglomise.

    really excited to see folk. really excited to see what i will do.

    really excited to see some of John Singer Sargent’s early work, equated with today’s ‘refrigerator art’ that is currently on view at the Sargent House. if you haven’t been to the museum, get on down there and see it! one of my favorite ‘historical house’ museum’s around. lots of fruit in the garden, including quince!

    if you ask, i will point out my frightened face that is in The Judith Sargent Murray mural that is across the street from the museum.



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