Scott Alexander Representing for Eric Clapton On His Yacht Anchored Off Nile’s Beach

John Hiler Says It’s Eric Clapton’s Yacht so it must be (I guess) Smile


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13 Responses to Scott Alexander Representing for Eric Clapton On His Yacht Anchored Off Nile’s Beach

  1. LadyShannnon says:

    SCOTTY…. You are awesome!! I miss you already !! ERIC IS (or was) BACK IN G-TOWN!! Had dinner @ the Rudder… I LOVE THAT MAN!

  2. John Hiler says:

    Shortly after we took these pics the boat pulled anchor and headed towards Boston. We did yell and ask Eric to come out and say Hi, maybe that’s why the boat left Gloucester. Ha ha!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have been hearing this all week. Some say it is his boat and others say no… I heard he’s not on it though.

  4. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE…how about some responsible journalism here…the answer is no, it is not even owned by him…please people, get a life!

  5. Brooke says: this is the upgraded yacht Eric sails these days

  6. starsquiggle says:
    James Benenson Jr’s son Clem is married to Stephanie Terelak from Rockport..

  7. John Hiler says:
    My google search has many results and many pics that show this is Clapton’s yacht.

  8. He was here last summer …. so it’s not that hard to believe that he may have returned
    by the way “he is the man” there is no harm in maybe…..

  9. Anonymous says:

    He was NOT here last summer, it was more of the same fantasy…the boat was here (not his) last summer and the same banter took place…you people belong to the club that believes that if you tell an UNtruth often enough and post it on the web, that the UNtruth becomes a truth. The boat is not his and he was not on it, this year or last.

  10. Brooke says:

    maybe we can put together a welcoming party for whoever is aboard the Blue Guitar?

    Eric Clapton was “here” last summer? Why?

  11. E.J. says:

    There was a white limousine parked on Rocky Neck by Madfish Wharf earlier today. I asked the driver if he was chauffeuring Eric Clapton and he said no, but he could have just been covering for him.

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