This Thursday Night Blue’s Party at The Rhumb Line to host John Keegan


This time around we welcome back Mr. John Keegan® ,uvula waggler and leader of men. Johnny K. has been very busy of late, what with his myriad musical machinations and Ebay Defcon Fives. We’re lucky to have him in one piece. He’ll be pointing the bone at you all night long. Its gonna be a dancin’ nite, so wear your thong and your Dr. Scholl’s. You’re gonna need ’em.
  Blacking him up and chain smoking will be Mr. Gym Gwin, Fred’s brother (again!) on eggbeaters and symbols. He’s recuperating nicely from that conductor’s baton attack last week. None dare call it acnepuncture! John Hyde, jazz snob and loving husband, will be doing keyboard dooties. He’ll be a little tardy, cuz he has a late appointment at the  tattoo parlor, getting ” Sandi” shot onto his forehead. Roomer has it that some mysterious sexophone guy might show up, too…who knows?
Of course, Greg T. will be there, vacuuming the gene pool, and me, too, on base, and ready to steal third…
Steak nite is over, brought to its demise since several noted Republican friends of Fred have disappeared mysteriously. So, Fred and Trooper have instigated “Cajun Nite”.This sounds truly great! so, this week, the Rhumb Line is offering a choice of jambalaya or popgun shrimp all at the unbelievable price of $8.95. while it lasts. Fred has installed seat belts on all the chairs. Troop is a really great cook, and plays a mean sax, to boot. The food is really good, you really oughta czech it out. Sure beats ordering that worm pizza at Domino’s. Free bibs for all you droolers. Do it!

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