Beth B Has A Question About The Mural In City Hall

Hi Joey,

As I was reading about the quilt project I thought about the mural in City Hall (I assume it is still there) depicting the young Gloucester High School students. I wonder if anyone has complied a list identifying the people in the mural.  It originally was on the wall at Central Grammar and was moved when the building became apartments.  My mother is in the picture, she graduated from GHS in 1935 so the mural was done sometime prior to that.

Just curious!

Beth B.


  • hi beth – get in touch with the city archives at i think they may have lists of the student models in that mural and others in city hall. the cape ann museum has a collection of the artist’s photo studies of models in the original city hall murals, but not from that particular one.


  • Hi Beth,
    The mural is in the Mayor’s office. We have a list of people in it. Come by and see it anytime (except today!). My secretary’s name is Chris and she will let you in if I am not there.
    Carolyn Kirk


  • Mary Rhinelander McCarl Writes-
    Yes, it is in the mayor’s private office. The Gloucester Daily Times put out a list of the students when it was completed–probably 1936. There are copies in the Archives in City Hall & the library at the Cape Ann Museum.

    The mural was by Charles Allan Winter, the same man who completed the big mural in City Hall auditorium and the ones in the hall outside the mayor’s office.

    What was your mother’s name?

    Mary Rhinelander McCarl


  • Great story and good to know!



  • It’s been a while since this was posted, but I see there is an unanswered question. Beth’s mother (who is also my mother) was Sarah Elizabeth (Johnson) Holloran. She was the daughter of John A. Johnson, long time insurance agent in Gloucester. She appears on the mural entitled “Education,” and is in the second row on the left side. She is the girl holding up a piece of cloth, directly behind the girl at the typewriter. In later years, she was the owner and operator of the Sarah Elizabeth Shop in Rockport.


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