Gloucester Harbor Two Hour Video Compressed to 90 Seconds From Famed Photographer Steve Borichevsky

Steves photography is up there with the best in G-Town, check out this cool video he made-


and after you’re done watching don’t forget to check out the rest of his blog-

Shooting My Universe


  • This is great! Look at how the color of the water changes. So Cool. How is my buddy Steve doing anyway? Its been a while. I hope to see him at the Block Party or somewhere around town.


  • I’m doing quite well, thank you!

    Thank you for checking out the video and commenting.

    And thank you for the kind words Joey.

    Best Regards,



  • Amazing video – good things all those boats weren’t really going that fast around the harbor at the same time. The changes in the water color was really interesting to see, and the clouds moved so slowly compared to the boats, even though both had been sped up significantly. Nice spot to hang out at for 2 hours and then share with us. Thanks


  • This was really cool! It’s pretty much my view from my apartment down the Fort, sometimes I’ll spend hours and hours just watching all the boat traffic go back and forth, wonderful to see it sped up this way. made me want to count each boat as it was hard to believe there were so many in just 2 hours.

    Thanks for sharing.



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