Chickity Check It! Atwood Does The Mackerel Thing In Her GDT Column

July 12, 2011

Mackerel: Local, sustainable and good for us

Food for ThoughtHeather Atwood

In staying true to New England waters, Steve Johnson of Rendezvous Restaurant in Central Square, Cambridge, courageously puts fish on his menu that — oh no! — has bones.

Mackerel. Grilled to a charry crispness, dripping with olive oil, delicate filets lifting off of 8 inches of spiny vertebrae, mackerel.

In Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, just about anywhere but here, a serving of fish means a pile of bones on the plate. Residents of these countries make beloved meals with sardines, anchovies, pike, mackerel and herring.

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Food For Thought


  • Good story. Sometimes I feel like I am the only person who eats all these types of fish that most people call “bait”. Sure, if I catch a bunch of mackerel or pollock I will leave one out there to see if a blue or striper is interested but the rest come home and go in the pan.

    Pollock, atlantic mackerel, bluefish, if fresh all of them are tastier than a striper or a cod. They taste like fish. Blasphemy I know but since they swim at our doorstep they sure are fresh and that means tasty. I do a face palm when someone says, “but they taste fishy.” That person must like fish sticks too.


  • Hey, I resemble that comment Paul


  • Used to be well known in the industry as “Spanish Mackeral”. Like Vodka, we may let the marketers do their thing. Like the Tuna, Blues and Stripers that chase them, they migrate.
    Anyone remember seeing the seiners take them right out of the inner harbor, by Roses Oil and the State Pier? Offload at Joe Codinha’s “modern redfish plant” on the pier, then to the Dehyde.


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