Gloucester Zen- Good Harbor Beach At Dawn July 5th 4:50AM

Sometimes when I bitch about having to get up at 3:45AM every morning for work I forget about being able to bring you scenes like this-

and then it all seems so worthwhile

(turn up your speakers and let the sound of the waves wash over you)



  • Beautiful work, Joey–Keep Zenning.


  • Thanks so much Joey! I miss the ocean and beach so much. I can close my eyes and just imagine being there.Nothing better better than living by the ocean and rising early to enjoy it peacefully before the crowd at the beach.Appreciate these videos you do of the beach. Karen


  • Thanks for sharing this ! I feel cooler and refreshed (we’re having a heatwave in PA).


  • Thanks, Joey, that made my day! I plan to revisit it a bit later after I’ve spent some serious time at the torch! 🙂


  • Ahhhh. I used to have to wake up at 4 a.m. to be at the paper at 5 a.m. I miss it and the mornings.


  • Joey, Is the tide coming in or going out?
    Lake Michigan doesn’t have any tides. It’s a beautiful lake, but it just sort of sits there.


  • Joey,
    If it’s any consolation, I too get up @ 3:45 to go to my job. I catch the sunrise when I drive by the “other state fish pier” (Boston) and I too, say to myself it was worth it, though my view is not as pretty as yours happens to be.


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