Way To Go Team!

The 2011 Horribles Parade is in the books and the complete list of thank-yous will be coming along with videos from the beginning stages of building the GMG Float right on through to the award ceremony along with more comprehensive photos of the entire crew from Manny Simoes and David Cox.

If you see any of our sponsors around town extend my gratitude for their support and congratulate them on our Bringing home the Judge’s Choice Award!- Peter and Vickie VanNess from GimmeSound, The Borge’s At The Lone Gull , Eric at Passports and Ed Collard’s House Doctors Handyman Services.

There’s not much more fun that you can have than walk with your family and friends in the greatest parade of them all, The Fishtown Horribles Parade!

Our man Craig Kimberley got some incredible footage along the parade route which will take some time to edit down but he tells me we will have a short video trailer some time today and the longer more comprehensive version later on.

Sista Felicia on lead once again proves why she’s the best at what she does and that’s why I have complete confidence in her.

I had zero to do with the construction of the Float, all the thanks go to the following people-

Huge thanks to our builders-

Bro-In Law Barry, Sista Felicia, Ed Collard, Jeremy Frost Construction, our mother “Mammaw”, Next Door Neighbor Dianna (whose last name I’d never get right in a million years) Frank, Joey and Mikayla Ciolino,Taylor Frost and Amandacakes and BJ.  Paulie Walnuts  printed up the limited run t-Shirts and Greg Harris’ Briarwood Landscaping  provided us with the trailer.  Frank and Joey Ciolino did the truck detailing.  Will Hunt  donated the PA system.

All our GMG peeps who showed up to walk and bring the energy including our title sponsor Vickie Van Ness and Johnny on the Sound system.  Ed Collard was a man possessed on sticker duty.  Mammaw who tried to make sure the kids who were out of reach for candy still got some along the route.  The Ryan clan- Patrick J-WOW, Molly and Emma who showed up and worked the crowd along with a roller skating Paul Morrison!

Our Squirt Gunners Connor and Kyle Frost,Seth Murray and BJ (Beasley).  Danny Powers and Sarah Francis,Lexi Orlando, Caroline Murray and Emma powers along with Amandacakes and Snoop Maddie Mad on Candy Patrol.  Manny Simoes and David Cox for capturing it in pictures (which we will see in future postings).

Our lobsters- Lanie and Skyler Noble and The Bean.   Our Homies- Vickie and Johnny Van Ness, Emma Powers and Deanna (Whose last name I’ll never get right in a million years).  Our mermaids, Emma and Molly Ryan, Taylor Frost.

And how bout that Craig Kimberly on video duty who goy a ton of footage with multiple cameras of the community along the parade route!

We had lobsters, we had mermaids, we had homies, but most of all we had each other to share and make even more new memories in the community we love.

You guys are the best!

The Boss

(much better pictures than I took will be coming all week long from the parade route)


The float would not be what it was without  our awesome community minded businesses who helped with the dough to make it possible-


gimmesound.com — local live music listings.  Find every live music show in Gloucester and Cape Ann — listen to music on-line & download — all for free.


The Lone Gull is a family owned coffeehouse located on Main Street in historic downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts. Our ideal location makes us a great place to stop for a drink or a bite to eat, to chat with friends, or to have a business meeting. We offer free wi-fi to our customers, extremely comfortable couches and chairs, and a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Passports Restaurant


Ed Collard House Doctors Handyman Services


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