Heather McCoy Takes Some Pictures of An Electric Torpedo Ray On Cambridge Beach In Annisquam

Heather writes-

Hey Joey,

I found this on Cambridge Beach in Annisquam a few days ago.  I was told it was an electric torpedo ray, I had never heard of them before.  I was wondering if you had ever come across one while lobstering?


heatheriphone 3753heatheriphone 3754heatheriphone 3756

That’s a funky ass ray H!

I’m not a lobsterman, I’m a lobster dealer and no, I’ve never seen one like that before!


  • i used to see them come up on Georges and in dragger nets in montauk and shinnecock on Long Island. they give a mild shock if you touch their head when they are alive.


  • One of my biggest fears is running into one diving! I think they can get up to 5 ft and they can give you a good shock.


  • Joe Testaverde

    Fairly common around here in summer to fall , when relaxed they build up a charge that will give you a jolt. Haven’t seen them close to shore, usually in depths of 20-40 fathoms but might be inside for warmer water ,feeding or laying eggs? When we catch them and in a deck load of fish we have observed the fish on deck shacking or moving caused by the electric discharge. This one is a small one but can grow to over 6 feet in dia. and around 150 lbss. or more. My cousin’s boat caught on off Cape Cod and brought it in a lobster tank live took 5 men to get her out then gave all off us a shocking experance.


  • According to wikipedia, they can deliver a shock of from 8 to 220 volts.


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