Video- Craig Kimberley Captures Sunday’s Seniors 2011 Seine Boat Race

Sunday is the day I spend with the Family, bringing the girls down to the beach to watch the races and greasy pole after covering every aspect I can for the days leading up to Fiesta.


That morning down the dock strolls Craig asking for an assignment for the day.  Knowing that Adam Bolonsky, Sam Sartson and I had devoted a ton of video coverage to Saturday’s Greasy Pole I told Craig that the Parade and The Seine Boats could use some video coverage to round everything out.  I was deep into the editing of three hours of footage that Adam had handed to me from Saturday in between making lobster deliveries to our restaurants and taking out boats and off Craig went.

Fast forward to that afternoon and I was pretty much resigned to watching the Sunday sporting events with the family and not taking the camera out too much except to report the winners via my smartphone so we could beat everyone else to getting the news out.

The Bean up on my shoulders at the PACKED Pavilion Beach yells out “Good Morning Gloucester!”  And she is pointing front and center to the edge of the water directly in front of the Greasy pole.  It was none other than Craig with his Mack-Daddy Camera with “Da Sticka” plastered on it’s side.

A nice feeling knowing I could somewhat take the foot off the gas of the month long Fiesta coverage knowing it was all in good hands with our great team of contributors.

Here is Craig’s Seine Boat Championship video and more-

Jo-Ann Castano took these pics at the Altar going over things with new contributor Craig Kimberly.



  • Outstanding…Looking forward to more episodes.
    The blogs going to the next level baby. Love watching it grow and once in a while contributing.
    This has to be the best coverage so far by the whole GMG team. Congrats guys and keep up the great work.

    -Keep Rockin


  • So far, this week has been a complete and total blast. Again, Joey and every local I’ve met has made this a trip to remember. I can look forward to moving back to my home land. It’s made me remember the summer of 89 I spent bus-boying at Schooner’s (now Upper Deck I think?). Those were great memories, and these are only getting better by the hour. Man do I love this town!!


  • Thanks to Craig and Joey for giving us and our families memories we can cherish forever!



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