I’m thinking we should borrow some more money and make these places parks, because you know, we don’t have enough places for the public to access the water in Gloucester.

I mean if you take away the miles of beaches like Cressey’s, Good Harbor, Niles, Half Moon Beach, Pavilion Beach, Plum Cove Beach, Lane’s Cove, Wingersheek Beach ,the Back Shore and the Boulevard and the landings such as Cripple Cove, Gardiner Landing, Clay Cove, Oakes Cove, Ben Smith Playground, Fort Square Playground, Gus Foot Park, the State Fish Pier, there’s virtually no where at all for anyone to access the water.  It’s criminal the way the public in Gloucester is denied access to the waterfront.DSC03873

Taxes, we don’t need no stinking taxes from these properties developed, do we?  And we know that anyone intending to actually turn a profit on any of these properties and employ people we need to demonize because they are EVIL EVIL EVIL!!!!  Bah!

Let us make a resolution in 2011 that under no circumstances should any person who wants to actually create jobs and invest in these properties be allowed to.  We need to stay the course, because obviously you can see from the pictures  that that course has led to tremendous results!!!!

Let us support wholeheartedly the politicians that demonize any potential investors in these properties and put roadblocks to their redevelopment. 

Give Us More Parks- More Non-Profits and More Places That Need To Be Supported By Donations From the Public!  Clearly all of the Non-Profits Around the City Could Use Some More Competition For the Private Dollars That Support Them.  The Judith Sargent Murray Museum, The Heritage Center, The Adventure, Ocean Alliance, They Could All Use Another Two Or Three Non-Profits Vying For The Same Dollars For Support.

As Our Lobsterman Mark Ring Says of The Aquarium Idea For I4 C2- “Those Poor Fish At An Aquarium Will Die Of Loneliness For 10 Months Of The Year.”  Possibly The Funniest and Truest Thing I Heard In All Of 2011.



Read about recent victories in Gloucester Boston in this Globe article-

Gloucester Boston- Waterfront hits its stride


  • Who needs a tax base?


  • Joey I have to ask what’s on your mind with this post? I don’t want to assume!


  • Seriously I could assume something or say something, but what is on your mind????????


  • lol, Joey! surely you know the tide comes in and the tide goes out.


  • Gloucester has more natural beauty than almost any other costal town in New England. Its just nice to see the landscape and water with out seeing
    building’s and hotel’s blocking every square inch.


    • Flipping brilliant, really.

      Instead lets have decaying buildings, weeds, and tweekers blocking every square inch. In the mean time, shut down more schools, have pathetic roads, and watch the natural decay.

      To your point about natural beauty, THAT COSTS MONEY TOO! The city’s too broke to even treat water properly, who will like the”water and landscape” when it becomes a cesspool? I can see it now: Fitchburg-by-the-Sea.

      And God forbid, someone might make a buck.

      Joey, you nailed it.

      Hell is the impossibility of reason.


  • Joe,
    Controversial, but a discussion that needs to be put in the forefront. Gloucester needs new jobs and sources of income. We’re not the only community or country faced with change. Looking forward to the next few years.



  • It’s easy to see what you’r getting to , Joey. and I agree, wholeheartedly. Gloucester is a unique place in that it’s waterfront has survived for over 300 years supporting a vibrant fishing industry – even by today’s stardards. Unfortunately, it’s unique presence and historic past have combined to attract more and more folks every year and when they come, they want to stay and own and live there. Now it is even attracting more not-for-profit ventures that want to own their own piece of the waterfront.

    It’s the same down here in Florida. The unique coastal and waterfront areas are a great attraction to the public. There are a lot of them and they want to own their very own piece of paradise – and the closer to the water/beach, the better. In some areas you can not even see the ocean or each from the highway because so many have built homes, condos, hi-rises and hotels that the view everyone loved is no longer there

    At some juncture in time, the local people will have to say enough is enough is enough – or, it will be too late. Take away the view of Gloucester’s working harbor and waterfront. Take the folks who work within that view and the very thing that attracts folks will turn them away.

    I love Gloucester as much as anyone. I was born and raised there. I moved away in 1969 but was always close enough to visit. I’ve seen what is happening and it scares me at times. Now, as I’ve aged, I’ve gone back to painting and through my art I try to preserve what made Gloucester great for my family and all of us. Joey, you have said it all very nicely and, that scares me too.
    Bill Hubbard


  • I don’t really want to see giant hotels and condos popping up, but I would love a great retail space, smaller lodging, restaurants, artist galleries, etc. It would open it up to more traffic and generate more income for the city without losing what Gloucester is all about.


  • In my prior posts I should have restated my views on non-profits. They can be a big benefit to Gloucester. Certainly the Heritage Marine Center has done a wonderful job of “preserving” a good chunk of working waterfront and is an asset to the city. When the marine railways was renovated there and dedicated to the Dyer-Dahlmer families, I was honored by being asked to speak speak
    at the dedication. My cousin, Bill Dyer made a signicant donation, on behalf of our ancestors, which enabled the restoration.

    I’d love to see a similar renovation of the Paint Factory and the Birdseye properties but, maybe that’s too much to hope for.


    • The Heritage Center is great. It should be supported and is a huge asset to the community. How many more do you build just like it that need the financial support from the same sources to stay afloat?


  • Be a great location for St. Peter to look out over the harbor!


  • Agree Capt. Joe. Why develop decrepit, dilapidated empty spaces and buildings when you can keep them in their current condemned state, producing no revenue to the city (all the while keeping them in their state as eyesores)? When I read in the paper locals claiming, “Because we don’t want change!”, I just scratch my head.


  • I want some of what they are smoking…the city NEEDS to expand the tax base if we are to survive…and private investors are entitiled to a return on their investment…Joe please don’t appologize to them, fight for Gloucester’s future…condos should not be a bad word, it is just another form of ownership for apartments…every apartment that exists in the Fort, and elsewhere, COULD be converted to condos…I believe that you, Joe, have owned 2 condos…correct?


    • I dont think they need to be condos, but yes I have owned two and enjoyed the condo living lifestyle. There have been other ideas besides condos proposed obviously and we know how that went, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was………..


  • I can’t believe the Mack Bell Fort development didn’t work out. He was so passionate, local, and really integrated community support. Ahhhh… Get it done people. Vacant buildings don’t support anyone. Change and adaptation is what has made our species survive despite our mealy, pasty easily sun-burned skin and lack of any kind of natural defenses other than frail fingernails. Darwinism.


  • Parks are nice! I like Parks! Wish my yard was a park and paid for by the tax payers. oh wait I have a vernal pond and i’m not allowed to do anything to my privately funded park becaues of the million or so peepers who keep me awake all spring. “F’N” protected wildlife!


  • Yup. Rodents, Potential for fire or other disaster, contriband activity, squatters (yes we do have squatters, and tent cities), it goes on. Nature will “thin the herd”, at our cost, if we do not control it. Cheers, “Downer Bob”
    PS: The Distillery Downtown? As an attraction, Gloucester economy & I would love it.


  • Has anyone given thought to restoring the exterior of the Paint Factory and using the interior for
    other uses. I realize it’s in terrible shape but a great location. Are there other reasons it hasn’t been rehabbed? Just thinking of that other red building in the harbor in Rockport. I’ll bet the Paint Factory is painted and photographed almost as often as that other red shack. I know it finds it’s way into a number of my paintings. Just a thought on th subject.


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