Introducing: The Burnham’s Field Gardener Series From John McElhenny

Burnham’s Field is the largest green space in central Gloucester. A century ago, it was used as a dumping ground. Today it’s an area of green grass, play areas and ball fields where kids play and families socialize. Recently there’s been a resurgence of pride in Burnham’s Field, including a new 20-plot garden. The gardeners have gotten to know each other and built a small community in addition to a place to grow vegetables and flowers. In some ways, the Burnham’s Field Community Garden represents what’s best about Gloucester: a close-knit, hard-working community that cares for its neighbors.

Starting today, GoodMorningGloucester introduces a series of profiles of the Burnham’s Field Community Gardeners. Here are their stories.

By John McElhenny

Burnham’s Field Gardener – Paula Shevenell

Paula Shevenell describes her secret bug defense technique and how gardening revives fond memories of her dad and mom and the family gardens of her youth. “It really feels good to get my hands in the dirt,” she says.

One comment

  • Great idea to spotlight each garden plot and it’s caretaker. I’m looking forward to meeting all the other gardeners through this segment. The concept of planting certain plants near or next to others was once called “companion” planting — certain plants were good for certain other plants … either in that they helped each other to thrive, or in the case of marigolds – they repelled insects.


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