Sam Hartson To Present- “This Is Fiesta” at Cape Ann Community Cinema

Sam Writes-

I don’t know how energetic that video is, but I thought it captured more of an epic moment. That feeling that so few know when they’re carried on the shoulders of their friends, lifting that once-seemingly unattainable flag high into the air and realizing they’ve earned a incredible achievement and can now be called a champ. What must he have been thinking, feeling. His mind, likely abuzz with euphoria and optimism and thoughts of what comes next. Fused permanently into Fiesta history and united with nearly 100 years of champions and culture. Only a select few know what it’s like to ride down Fiesta’s main artery and down the fort into the heart of that incredible Fiesta energy.

That’s what I tried to capture in “This is Fiesta”. It’s an understanding of Gloucester on that tremendous weekend. A perspective, a feeling. An emotion. There’s something in the air in Gloucester that just seems to overflow and pour into the streets of the hot and humid city in late June. The people are happier, electricity flows through their veins as well as through the lights around the altar, the core of St. Peter’s celebration that continually pumps music and excitement from its speakers and from the voices of hundreds of young guys and girls whose screaming voices can be heard miles away as they pay enormous amounts of money to ride and play at the carnival. Fiesta is less an event and more an experience, and everyone experiences it differently. So the film offers a different perspective and serves as an inspiration to really explore the events of this magnanimous cultural spectacle that is entirely unique to the fishing port. It encourages the audience to want to know more and to make their fiesta experience an original and memorable one.

Screen Captures From Sam Hartson’s “This Is Fiesta”

ferris wheelFerris2mainstageProceshSohappyst pete againStPetewinner


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