• The Lanesville Package store is just minutes away. Might be my favorite lunch, fried clams and a cold six pack at a picnic table overlooking Folly Cove at the Lobster Pool.

    And speaking of the Lanesville Packy they understand the IGA is not open in Rockport so they have upped the ante with heat and serve dinners, Sheperd’s Pie and the Beef Stroganoff are pretty tasty when you forgot to shop. Kids like the Mac and Cheese.


  • Joe Testaverde

    Haven’t tried here in years ,my lost, but when I was a boy the as many as 4-6 eastern rigged vessels fishing for whiting in Ispwich Bay would spend a night after fishing to the stone pier across the way and many would walk nover to the lobster pot for a fried clam dinner. Then maybe get a ice cream from near by place and go back to catch a little shut eye before starting up at 3:00 am to steam brack to fishing spots, then return home either going through the river and around the cape to take out 30- 70,000 lbs of iced round whiting at Capt Joe’s Wharf and others. Those were good summer days.


  • yum…will have to go soon, my mouth is watering!



  • Lobster Pool is one of my favs. I love the fried seafood platter with artery clogging goodness piled high – extra tartar sauce please!


  • Great food, great atmosphere and great people.


  • Bill Nay Tucson AZ

    Looks like a dreat place I will have to try.
    I don’t get back that much to Rockport, but I will eat here next time I am in town.
    That you can count on.


  • …LOL… Hey Joey, I gave you a recomendation last week. I was parked in a parking lot & a guy said I love lobsta & I said me too. He asked if I had any lobsta on me. Gee, I wonder why. Maybe because of all my stickas…LOL… Anyway, I told him no. He said he loved Glosta so I told him “hey, if you want fresh lobsta go to Capt. Joe’s & Sons.


  • Oh Oh, now I’m in trouble. I think it should be Capt. Joe’s & Son. Not Sons. That is the second time in two weeks I get asked if I sell lobsta…LOL…


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