FOB Kevin Henry Has Been Taking Lessons


Joey, I’m not a food photographer, but I had to shoot the lobsta’ roll(s) Vanessa & I made yesterday !




Looks like someone has been taking lessons from The Mrs on how to prepare the perfect lobster roll. Smile

  • The right type of roll- CHECK
  • No Celery, Lettuce or Paprika- CHECK
  • Light Mayo- CHECK

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How to F^@K Up a Lobster Roll -For The New Readers


  • What can I say. YUM, YUM, YUM. Thanks to the Mrs. & Joey I now like lobsta rolls. I never thought I’d like lobsta other than right out of the shell but they proved me wrong. Also went to a cookout on Deer Isle, ME & had the best crab salad I’ve ever had. When I first saw them I thought, OMG, on a roll. Thought back to the lobsta. Never had one because I just couldn’t imagine crab salad on a roll. This is before I tried the lobsta roll. They had put what was left away during the day, by the end of the night I thought “oh come on Elaine, grow up, try one.” Well all I can say is that it was a good thing I didn’t try them earlier. OMG. I would of eaten them all…LOL…They were phenomenal. Funny thing is I was surronded by lobstermen & there were no lobsta’s…LOL…But that was fine, I’ve had their lobsta plenty of times. But I can truly say I have never had a crab roll as good as the one’s that day , nor will I probably not have any as good in the future as on that phenomenal day. Man I truly, truly, truly love my Glosta but I have to be truthful. My heart’s in Maine. Right on top Cadillac Mountain & then down on the docks in Stonongton.


  • OMG, I spelled Stonington wrong up there. Oh Oh.


  • I packed myself a lobster roll for lunch today from the leftover Capt. Joe’s lobster we got this weekend. Great lobster Joey!


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