Voyeurism 101- “Art, Rocks!” The Movie- One Of The Top 5 Funniest Movies We’ve Ever Done

There are about 5 spots in here where I just bust out laughing.

The video just continues to ramp up and ramp up and ramp up in intensity right through the end.   We were absolutely rolling in the office by the 10 minute 30 second mark and then it just goes into overdrive.


  • That is so hysterical. I’ve watched it 3 times now, and each time I’ve seen something I missed the time before, and it just gets funnier. It is a trip to watch an art rocks hunt and actually see the winner find the rock; and the suspense of all those hunters there at the same time, and Ed dropping Joey’s camera on the floor. Patti, I hope John lets you hold it occasionally; although it kinda looked and sounded like he’s planning to keep it himself. I was rooting for you though. Paul Morrison is such a good egg to find it so quickly and leave it for someone else to find and claim.


  • Cruelly funny! Patti, I don’t know you, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you while one day get your rock! You deserve it after starring in a Joey & Ed video


  • I think everyone is going to be too scared to participate in the next hunt. How are you going to top that?


  • Your right Alicia! The next GMG “Art, Rock” has been postponed until all this settles down. I’ve been thinking about it after watching the video. I’m REALLY sorry I participated in this Mockery of my Rock Art.
    I can be to easily manipulated.

    ma·nip·u·late   /məˈnɪpyəˌleɪt/ Show Spelled
    [muh-nip-yuh-leyt] Show IPA

    –verb (used with object), -lat·ed, -lat·ing.
    1. to manage or influence skillfully, especially in an unfair manner: to manipulate people’s feelings.
    2. to handle, manage, or use, especially with skill, in some process of treatment or performance: to manipulate a large tractor.
    3. to adapt or change (accounts, figures, etc.) to suit one’s purpose or advantage.


  • Video was awesome, I was totally cracking up! And i don’t think it made a mockery of of your Rock Art, Paulie…I think it will only serve to make them even more desirable and hunted, your hiding places will have to get better and better! I can’t wait to find my own one day.



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