• Why do I envision Paul and Joey standing on the docks waiting for the circus to arrive?


  • You were almost right Josh. Picture Joey, Ed Collard and Paul Morrison getting their kicks watching the few that showed up to look for it. I was cringing in the corner. This was to Evil. Unfortunately “I” was apart of this plot. It will never happen again! I hope they got their kicks out of their systems. Look for the videos. it was a train wreck!


    • Woah, I was not in on this at all. I could be described as only an innocent bystander who came to find the rock. And then it started getting funny.

      I can’t wait for the movie. Are there going to be trailers published before the grand opening? Remember when Jaws came out the first week of June and it changed the summer?


    • Oh Paul!!! “I was cringing in the corner”, I thought you were bowled over with laughter but protest all you want, the audio will tell! Thanks for the help with the camera.


  • When does the video come out?


    • Tonight at 7PM. It is right up there as one of my favorite top five videos all time on GMG. It fits right in with The Bobby Bobskill Chronicles, the Sean Dive and The Rat Boys.


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