• I heard about him and his work for the first time here on GMG and have been reading all of his columns since that time via savingseafood.com

    Above and beyond,,,for sure !


  • Great article. No one is more worthy of the Pulitzer Prize than Richard Gaines.


  • I agree – Richard Gaines’s exposes, to say nothing of his masterful writing, deserve to be recognized ‘way beyond Cape Ann. It is a pleasure just to read what he has to say, as well as knowing that one is being honestly informed. His contribution to our fishing industry as been enormous.
    How can we fix this? Any ideas?


  • I agree with your assessment of Richard’s work. Here’s a link to entry requirements for a Pulitzer: http://www.pulitzer.org/how_to_enter. The rules are almost as complicated as NOAA regulations but it ‘s certainly would be worth a try.


  • Couldn’t agree more. The government clearly ran rough shod over the fishermen, who were just trying to earn a living. Why is it the government just HAS to wave their dick over everything – especially areas they have NO expertise in, and ZERO knowledge of the facts. And they always target the ones who have the hardest time protecting themselves. What an embarrassement to the govenernment…..


  • Journalism at its best gives a voice to the voiceless and holds the powerful accountable for their actions. Richard Gaines’ fishing reporting should be commended for doing both of those things. Thanks for what you do, Richard.


  • Without doubt Richard Gaines has single-handedly brought the light of day to this shameful, un-American deceit by certain NOAA bureaucrats.


  • It is not surprising that Richard Gaines has again employed his investigative and journalistic skills in helping educate the public on issues of local, state and national concern. He has.been doing this for a long time beginning back in the 1970’s as a writer and then editor of the Boston Phoenix. His work back then had a major influence on Beacon Hill, and there are some politicians (Barney Frank) who owe Richard for bringing their views front and center.

    I had lost touch with Richard for 25 years until I saw his name mentioned prominently today in a. Boston Globe story on Whitey Bulger and saw that he was with the Gloucester Times. How fortunate for the readers of the Times and the people in Cape Ann that you have Richard Gaines watching out for you. And yes, Richard should be nominated for a Pulitzer – an honor that is long-time coming!

    Rick Anderson, Brooklyn, NY


  • Former State Sen. Mike Barrett (D-Cambridge)

    I too want to hail the second discovery — the rediscovery — of Dick Gaines. He was an impassioned champion of reform politics and progressive values when he helmed the Boston Phoenix. It’s terrific to see him once again in a situation that demands his talent and his courage.


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