Gloucester Negatives With A Prize From The Infamous Fred Buck and David Cox

Fred Buck Writes-

joey –
i’ve been working with dave cox of main street antiques on his personal collection of gloucester negatives.  among those are three sets of photos of gloucester fishing boats taken in the 1940s:  immaculate conception, launch from montgomery boat yard on ferry st in 1946.; st. christopher, launch from reed brothers in boothbay harbor maine in 1944; and the christening of another boat at fort wharf (?) around the same time.
we need some help from gmg. HELP!  if anyone recognizes the folks on deck or the boat or the location, let us know.  prize is an 8×10 glossy of your favorite shot.
infamous fred buck



  • First picture man with hat and cigarette looks like Mike Militello My uncle. Last picture women in middle looks like Nina Conti who lives on boulevard now. Think she was a Linquata


  • How natty everyone dressed back then! I love the kids’ outfits!


  • Awesome pictures. I only wish when I was in Gloucester in the early 70’s & forward I would of taken pictures back then.


  • We think the guy on the right hand steps could be Nick’s Uncle (and Godfather) Steve Sinagra.


  • Maria Randazza

    The second picture down is the Christening of the Sacred Heart in 1944. Location is Gorton Pew Wharf on Rogers. St. The owners of the boat were my Uncles. John Aiello and Frank Militello.

    Front row children: Joe Giacalone, Mary Militello, Josie Militello Vito Aiello and Sister Rosita (Giacalone).
    Middle Row: Mary Lovasco, Pearl Ciluffo, Antonio Militello, Antoinette Militello, Frank
    Militello, Father Costello, Rose (Aiello) Demetri, John Aiello, Lena Aiello, Jennie (Aiello) Curcuru, Frances Piscitello, Vito Misuraca, Filomena Misuraca.
    Back Row: Buzzy Bertolino, Pauline (Aiello) Piscitello, Gus Piscitello, Vito Aiello, Jennie Ruggerio, Katie Fontana, Antoinette Piscitello.
    The Sacred Heart was sold in 1947 to the government and it was given to Greece to fish.
    This information was given to me by my 86 year old father Salvatore Aiello (brother and brother-in-law)of the owners.


  • The last picture is Nina Linquata Conti. She has her hair wrapped and is looking up. She is still alive and well living on the Blvd. in Gloucester.


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