Places In Gloucester You’ve Probably Never Been-The Gear Room At The Gloucester Marine Railway

As part of my ongoing search to bring you places in Gloucester that you probably never had access to I present you the gear room in which the motor that pulls up to 200 tons of boat out of the water at the Marine Railways at The Gloucester Maritime heritage Center resides.

Look for the video tomorrow morning



  • Neat! You should do a book with these great photos of secret spots of Gloucester!


  • These photos are so beautiful! It is a constant delight to me that I live in a place where things like this are actually functional and not just for display purposes… even tho’ they make a fantastic display. Thanks for the pix. Could I repost a few on FB if I credit you?


  • Okay, it’s a deal.


  • Melanie Murray-Brown

    Hi Joey,

    Love these photos! Going to start a FB page for GMHC soon with another board member…will link to the GMG blog…thanks for taking the time to showcase railway at the Heritage Center!



  • Don’t know what it is but I love this place. Maybe because I use to do autobody & like ant type of mechanical yard. These are neat pictures. I even like the little one in Pigeon Cove but obviously this railway brings in much bigger boats.


  • Fabulous photos of “things & and areas” most folks may never have the opportunity to see! These tell a wonderful story of industry at work!


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