Enough Was Enough! Lighthouse Beach Discovered!

I had finally had it with seeing all these pictures and paintings of Lighthouse Beach.  It was time for the family to discover it for ourselves!  (thank you EJ for the directions on where to park)

Much like the Rocky Neck beach that the residents there would rather you not know about Lighthouse Beach is a secluded treasure that all my GMG peeps need to know about.  We spent the better part of three hours there picking periwinkles, romping around the beach and climbing the rocks without seeing another person on the whole stretch of beach.


Click the picture to check out our adventure-

Lighthouse Beach directions-

Click here or the map for a Google map to discover how to get there.imageGloucester Zen- Lighthouse Beach


  • Girls are beautiful. What a great family day you had. Love the slideshow!


  • Where do you park for Lighthouse Beach and do you need a sticker ?


  • Our friends live at the Annisquam lighthouse 🙂 Adam and Deb Smart….good people


  • Yes, where do you park???? (I have a sticker!)


  • Joey, This is from the heart. I have 3 grand daughters who I think are beautiful. Not to take away from them but I have to say that you have to be the luckiest man I know. You have got such a pretty wife & your kids are beyound the word cute. Beautiful is more like it. I saw the first picture & truly love it. Then I saw the slideshow & now they are all so great I don’t know which one I love the best. The other day your sister said she was proud to have you as a brother & I though what a phenomenal statement to make. Which by the way, I love seeing her on here because I think she looks like a fun loving person. But this is about you. Your business set aside Joey, you have been truly blessed. An amazing family for an amazing man. You deserve nothing but the best. Stay Safe. Elaine Marie


  • Beautiful spot but the local folk consider it theirs! It all but disappears at high tide.


  • I owned a house nearby for 7 years when I was raising my children and I raised them at Lighthouse beach practically. We played and dove off every rock at high and low tide, stayed late till 8-9pm sitting on the rocks watching the sunset in wet bathing suits. I sailed my boat in and around there and anchored it on lazy days while we swam into the beach. I know every rock and every grain of sand there and I can attest that it is a very special place. Not many people know this but the beach right around the lighthouse is federal property. Some of the neighbors there like to pretend they own it. The other part of Lighthouse Beach is owned by neighbors as shares. At one time I owned a couple of shares. Since I sold the house I sometimes return and the faces have changed but the sunset and rocks never do change.


  • Will Bloombergh

    It’s a pretty beach and, like you said, empty out of season. But if you go down there during the summer you might catch some grief from the Squam Rock Land Trust folks or the Guard at the Norwood Heights Association entrance.


  • Isn’t this a public road? Isn’t the land that the light house is on, owned by the tax payers?


    • Vern, when was the last time you walked onto a military base? It’s a lighthouse, not the White House, but it doesn’t mean it’s ok to trespass – federal property, I believe they can shoot you!

      The folks that own beachfront property pay dearly for beach rights – they pay, we don’t.


  • We kayaked from Lane’s Cove to the beach at Annisquam Lighthouse yesterday as we have for years. For the first time we were confronted by the private security guard hired by the Norwood Heights residents — claiming private property on the beach (north of the rocks that divide the usual Norwood Heights private area). I couldn’t believe it … after talking to the guard, he moved on without further hassle to us. But he did intimidate others trying to access that part of the beach next to the light.

    I’d like to learn the real status of this stretch of beach … I’ll start doing some research.

    I sense this is a grab for illegitimate privacy … just like the guards that block the entrance to Eastern Point next to Niles Beach … (just tell those clowns you’re going to the light on the point).

    Want another case of “I’ve got mine, get lost” ? Check out the “private signs” posted on the rocks at the new mansion on Salt Is. Road on Brier Neck, right where the sand bridge to Salt Is. emerges at low tide. I love their “welcome to the neighbor” friendliness.


    • You are right Bob… The Lighthouse has NOT been designated a PATON (private aide to navigation). It is federal land–overseen by the Coast Guard. Perhaps contact them for access information.


  • I grew up there, and at one time the beach was government property as part of the lighthouse and an r.o.w. from Leonard St. That changed in the 1990’s when the government sold off the r.o.w. and the beach during tough budgetary times. I know this for a fact as my deceased father was involved in negotiating the transaction, The beach is now owned by the Norwood Heights Association and is private. There is no longer an r.o.w. from Leonard Street…we used to call it “the government strip”. Access is granted to the USCG for the lighthouse, and for the public to access the lighthouse, I believe only for official business. In 2010 the USCG removed the public parking at the lighthouse. So while you can get to the lighthouse on “official business”, you can’t park there.


  • A real shame that everyone can’t enjoy this publicly funded property. I’ll have my wife drop me off to this government property and will take my photos before we have to switch. I think we might then just leave the city without spending any money. I’m sick of the royalty taking ownership of what is not for others to give.


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