The Rudder Open Today and Launches Whole New Website-

They must have listened to our boy Paul Morrison who has been putting local restaurants on watch to get their sites updated in his “Seasonal Openings” posts which y0u can read here. Local restaurants, if you launch a new website, have something newsworthy happening and feel like sharing it with our readership of 15-22,000 people a day, you might want to pimp your info out just like Peter did in the following email to your boy Joey *hint-hint* in case you haven’t figured out how to contact us with breaking news or photos, there’s a tab up top labeled “Contact” it contains the email address for GMG.  If clicking the tab is too difficult I’ll also provide it for you here so you won’t have any excuse-

Peter Van Ness Writes-

Dear Joey,

I know you’re a fan of the Rudder on Rocky Neck and I love the video and photo series you did on their renovation, so I thought you’d like to know that they open tomorrow April 14th with Tax Relief Specials like Chapter 7 drinks for $7 (IRS Screwdriver — Vickie’s name), 1040ez Appetizers $10.40 (Agent Crab Cakes) and lots more

    (see all of them here

Also, Vickie and I just launched a new website for them with great photos (check out the attached Monkfish and Cioppino).  The new Web site works great on a mobile phone (I’m almost ready to give up my Blackberry for a Droid … yikes!).

Check it out here:

We did a photo shoot there and got to taste some exquisite food.  I’m not kidding, it’s better than ever this year!


One comment

  • They must have listened to our boy Paul Morrison …

    Right, I can’t even get my dogs to listen to me.

    Nice website, let’s get right to the menu: mussels in a cream sauce with fennel sausage, check. Pan seared Oysters, with tarragon cream sauce, must be new, that goes on my list. The photo of the tuna tartare on the homepage with the spicy papaya does it for me, make that two orders of that.

    Small bone to pick with the entrees. I have to have monkfish with lemon sauce and capers. You do have monkfish but now in a casserole and tomato broth with capers, olives and caramelized onions. Hmm, change is good, I can accept change, I’ll try it.

    Pasta Bolognese still there. Thank you, my daughter thanks you. We’ll be there early on Saturday. (My reward for getting my taxes done that afternoon.)


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