Chickity Check It! Magnolia Photos and History Through The Decades From Tim Moran

Hi Joey,

Thank you for your GMG web site and what you do to keep us former residents “in the loop”.

My name is Thomas (Tim) Moran. While I currently live in Dallas , TX , my roots go deep into Gloucester , more specifically, into Magnolia.

My two sisters (Marcia and Alison) and I spent every summer between the mid forties and the late fifties (1944 – 1958 for me) visiting our grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Ringer, at the head of the beach on Shore Road in Magnolia.

My grandfather, W.H. Ringer, was a principal of GHS when it was downtown, long before it moved to its present location by "the cut".

As I was looking at some pictures of the Fisherman’s Memorial the other day, I remembered that my mother, Beth Ringer Moran, at age 99, is probably one of the few still alive who, at age 13, was at the statue’s dedication in 1925?  She also remembers walking across the cut bridge from their home on Kent Circle to the high school every day in high heels and skirts, which is what ‘girls’ wore to school then.  She says it was very cold in the winter!

I wonder if anyone knows anybody else who was also there and is still living. That might be a good question for your web site.

My sisters and I have returned to Magnolia many times through the past 50 years and will return again, hopefully within the next few years.

I invite you to peruse a web page that I put together after sister Marcia, my wife, daughter, and I last visited in the fall of 2004. Tim Moran’s Magnolia MA History

Tim Moran


  • thanx so very much for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my family used to rent both of the smaller cottages for many, many summers; they were truly the happiest days of my life…


  • Tim- Great photos! I scanned some of them for the Magnolia Historical Society. The “Ringer House” is one of the oldest homes still standing in Magnolia! read more about it in the book Magnolia -A Brief History. I have been lucky enough to be a 5th generation from Magnolia as well. Best place on earth!


  • Tim – I grew up in the house behind yours. Can see it in some of the photos. Moved in some time in 1967. Would love to see any other photos you have. thanks



    Tim – GREAT job!!! Sure does bring back memories of the Thompsons spending time with you all – and my dad and yours making icecream on the cottage porch…..Question – is that my father digging the cesspool???? Looks like the back of his head!!!


  • Tim, your mother and mine –Marion (Collins) Comeau were close childhood friends. Mom grew up on Washington Square, and often spoke of Beth Ringer…and “Mr.” Ringer, GHS principal. My mother might well have been at the dedication of the Fisherman’s Memorial in 1925, but she never mentioned it to me. She died 20 years ago, at age 79, so would have been your mother’s age, if she were living today. I wonder if your mom remembers mine. I believe they had an opportunity to meet once during adulthood, but I can’t remember the occasion–perhaps in the late 1960’s, when I was in college?


  • Great story Tim. I was privilaged to spend my younger years as “best friends” with Tim’s sister Marcia and spent many great hours on the beach, in boats and hanging around the Ringer house. Our friendship has lasted through the years and Marcia joined me for the 50th class reunion Class of 1956 GHS, hopefully we will make the trip again soon . I grew up in Magnolia, my sons were 4th generation to attend Blyman School. Thank you for the memories


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