Fred Buck Answers The Call Re: Photos Of The Rosemarie

A couple of days ago Mary Ann Anderson wrote in asking for help finding photos of her grandfather’s fishing boat, The Rosemarie-

Hi Joey,

I’m looking for some old photos of my grandfather’s fishing boat the Rosemarie. I was wondering if you could put something on the Good Morning Gloucester website to see if anyone has some. The boat sank years ago. My brother (Tom Scola) and I don’t have. My father, Joe Scola, is now 88 and would love to see some. Please let me know if this is something that can be done. Thank you.

Fred Buck who works in the photo department at the Cape Ann Museum dug around and  came through for us!

Fred wrote me yesterday-

joey – i work in the photo dept. at the cape ann museum.  saw the post looking for pics of the ‘rosemarie’  we’ve got a real beauty taken in the early 30s for Atlantic Fisherman by gloucester photographer john c. adams (she was built in maine in 1930) of her steaming into the harbor past the paint factory.  we’ve also got a number of others of her in harbor cove from the early 40s.  i’m attaching a low res version if you want to send it on to her or attach it to the post.  she’s welcome to get in touch with me at this email address and i’ll give her details on what we have and where she can find some other pix.  thanks for keeping it real!
fred buck



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