Spring at Niles

I took my first bike ride of the season yesterday to Niles Pond. Heading out toward the retreat house was so peaceful. A turtle struggled up a rock to sun himself. One of the swans took off over the pond. The wind was right, and the flap of his huge wings could be heard clear across the water. On my way back, a great egret spread its huge white wings and landed on a rock on the edge of the pond. The mallards quacked seeking their mates. The pond is a world in itself. I am a grateful observer.     —Sharon

About Sharon

My passions include photography, music, people, teaching, learning, taking risks and asking "I wonder what would happen if I..."
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2 Responses to Spring at Niles

  1. E.J. says:

    Lovely – you made the scene come to life so we could all share it with you. Thanks

  2. lobsterlady says:

    I love this section. Everytime I have gone by I stop a little after where this picture was taken. And I just watch. My 2cn favorite place.

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