Our Local Boy Emile Doucette To Premiere His First Feature Length Film At Kendal Square Cinema April 7th


Birth of a Party: Booze, Pot, & Tea Party Politics in the Big Easy

April 7th 7:30pm at the Kendall Square Cinema, Cambridge, MA

View The Trailer


We are extending a special invitation to you for the World Premiere Screening of the groundbreaking documentary, “Birth of a Party”. Our hope is that the film will entertain, inform, and make you laugh. Following the film there will be a social mixer at Tommy Doyles Pub across the street from the theater.  Then let us know what you think! Good or bad, the possibility of a review / quote regarding the film would be immeasurably helpful. This is an independently produced and financed endeavor and we need grassroots support.

Come support our local community and enjoy a unique film.

Tickets are $10 and will be on sale starting March 29th at www.landmarktheatres.com

Thank you and we hope very much to see you there!

Emile Doucette, Director


Learn more about the film and it’s director below, or go to www.BIRTHOFAPARTYmovie.com for more info.

The Film:

Due to the rise of the Tea Party Movement in the United States, there has been a resurgence among conservatives to establish a Third Party to compete against Democrats and Republicans.

Birth of a Party is a “fly on the wall” documentary film that offers an inside look at grassroots politics. Jesse, John & Brad are Tea Party activists who attend Conservative Party USA’s three day inaugural convention in New Orleans. Through a haze of drugs and alcohol they present a unique and comedic perspective on how a third Party struggles for relevance in America’s two party system.

The Director:

Birth of a Party is the first full-length feature film of local up-and-coming director, Emile Doucette.

Emile has made a name for himself both domestically and internationally with his award-winning short documentaries and music videos.

Take a look at “Homemade Parade” or “The Greasy Pole” to see what all the buzz is about.

Emile Doucette – director – shooter – editor

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